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welcome to shiola

What's The Point? SHIOLA V2.0 - Timewasters Anon [September 2013]

Did you miss me? Well, did you? I'm thinking of making an online reappearance... Ben didn't want me anymore, but other people used to love me, too - it wasn't just him. I used to be full of the funniest videos and pictures, and all the best pranks to play on your mates before Facebook came along and turned everyone into zombies. That was my job before... them....

I've had a sex change, I'm a girl now. I am thinking of opening up my linkdumpster for whatever strange stuff you may want to dump in there, and maybe even bringing back the joy of "nice parking, jackhole". nobody seems to want to Ban Shiola anymore, so maybe it's time I came out to the world.

Well, I gotta go back into my development program now, but it's been nice writing to you. Come back soon, yeah?


Shiola Creature

original concept: Ben Ellis 2004-2008 | v2.0 Sarah Eaglesfield 2013